When you are compensated for your consultation, Third Bridge will endeavour to pay you as quickly as possible for the agreed consultation fee. However, there are factors outside of our control which you should be aware of and may impact the compensation that you receive:

Bank charges

Depending on the location of your bank and the currency you have elected to receive, your bank may charge a fee to process the receipt of funds. This is most common - but not limited to - your bank being located in a different country or currency to the payment that is being made. Third Bridge has no control over these fees and assumes no responsibility for any deductions taken from your account. If you have any concerns please check with your bank in advance of the consultation to make sure you are clear about any charges levied.

Local tax

It is a requirement in certain regions for a purchaser of services to withhold tax at source and remit this to the relevant tax authorities. Third Bridge will do this where it is legally necessary for us to do so on your behalf to ensure that both you and us stay tax compliant. In instances where this applies we will automatically make the deduction from your consultation payment so there is nothing further that you are required to do.